IRIS Consultancy was formed by the inspirations of a group of elite professionals in the corporate industry who had help businesses to achieve their corporate visions and goals in past years.

Our vision is to become the first choice business partner of businesses.

IRIS is always devoted to be faithful and reliable partners for business. By understanding their corporate visions and goals, evaluating their business structure and functions and to bring more inspirations to the business. We are delighted to see the success of our business partners as their success will be our success!

Our mission is to lighten the entrepreneur from time consuming administrative routines and let them focus on the business achievement.

Very often businesses meet their bottom neck when they embarking to grow by the administrative constraints. Too many non-core areas like accounting, compliance, human resources, payroll, talent management  had blurred the directions of the business and time were wasted to solve these areas before the business can focus on the marketing strategic. IRIS always reminds our partners of their original passions and shares these administrative parts of the business so that they could thrive in their goals.

Our slogan is “Passion on your success!”.