• Business Consulting

You may have dreams and brilliant ideas but unfamiliar with the administrative process for how on starting up a business. IRIS offer step-by-step guide from requirement of setting up business, finding resources, building marketing approaches and personal coach on business for first year of start-up etc. Our experts will ensure that you are well guided on every step till the first sales made by your business!

  • Accounting & Payroll

The qualified accounting and human resource personnel with reasonable pay are scarce in the market. A new business which requires more attentions on business development will not have sufficient time to manage well on these 2 major non-core areas. Our proven models on finance, accounting, human resource are on ready to start anytime.

  • Human Resource Consulting

Difficulty to find the best match of employee-employer relationship? How to retain your best talents? What is the mid point of reasonable and attractive package to offer the candidate? Our specialist have all the solutions for your hiring needs.